Kitten Small Bites – Rabbit Complete Meal – 500g Tray

Kitten Small Bites – Rabbit Complete Meal – 500g Tray

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HearMeRaw Kitten – Small Bites is ideally suited for all cats & kittens from 12 weeks. This is a Complete meal. 80% human grade meat, 10% bone and 10% liver. Single protein Rabbit.

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HearMeRaw Premium Kitten – Small bites Raw Cat food is ideally suited for all cats & kittens from 12 weeks.

Minced to 5mm. This is a Complete meal. Not for human consumption.



80% Rabbit Meat,10% Rabbit Bone,10% Rabbit Liver.

Nutritional Additives

Taurine, Vitamin E, Nutritional Yeast, Selenium, Green Lipped Mussel powder, Kelp Powder.

Analytical Constituents

142 Calories per 100g, Moisture 68.9%, Protein 19.4%, Fat 7.2%, Crude Ash 4.5% Crude Fibre 0.05%.


Human grade, once defrosted must be kept covered & refrigerated, consume within 3 days. Use as pet food only. Keep apart from food, Wash hands and clean tools, utensils and surfaces after handling this product.

Super easy & mess free!

Packed in 500g trays, super easy & mess free!

Note: This product has been meticulously checked but may contain shot or bullet fragments.

Minimum order is 5KGs total. 

Feeding guide: Cats & kittens 12 months or under should be free fed (allowed to eat as much as they’d like). Over 12 months – feed 3-4% of total weight per day (for example, a 4KG cat needs around 120g to 160g per day). Please refer to our cat calculator for further guidance.