The most user-friendly way to raw feed cats – Cat Keech, Artizan Maine Coons

Despite researching the benefits of a raw diet prior to embarking on breeding, we had always stopped short of taking the plunge due to niggling concerns about freezer space (we house as many people as we do cats!) contamination or unwittingly making mistakes with the balance of ingredients.

In early 2021 we decided to trial our six Maine Coons for 1-2 weeks on premade raw “just to see” and within 2 days we knew we would never go back. If the reduced volume and smell to our cats stools hadn’t been enough to sway us then the clear improvement in their coats, teeth, health and overall wellbeing would have, without question.

Chunky 80/10/10 mince such as Hear Me Raw food is by far the most user-friendly way to raw feed cats. All of the necessary ratios have been worked out for you, the meat is human grade and, once defrosted, it works the same as any commercial wet food would. All you need to do is serve it up!

Avoiding contamination is as easy as washing bowls after use (good practice in any wet fed cat home) and we solved the freezer issue by buying our cats their own. Not necessary for most but more than worth it for us!

Our advice to anyone on the fence would be to try it and see. That simple decision is all it took to make us lifelong converts!